Anaesthesia Workstation

  1. High Performance Anaesthesia Workstation

    SYSTEMA - 18 ANAESTHESIA WORKSTATION Fully compatible with MGPS System and Type-A cylinders KEY FEATURES:4 tube Adult & Paediatric system Hypoxic Guard-Oxygen, Nitrous 5’’ Display System Ventilator with Dual Mode –Adult & Paediatric Monitor with 5 multipara facilities Imported ISO Fluorine/ Savo Fluorine/ Halothane Vaporizer Manometer Circle Absorber System Extra Space with dual drawers’ soundless ball channel systems.Back side operated for gas input system with Yokes & SSV VENTILATOR:Display : 5” LCD Mode of Operation : IPPV, SIMV, PLV, BAG and Standby Tidal Volume : 50 to 1500 ml Respiratory Rate : 6 to 40 BPM SIMV Rate : 1 to 39 BPM I: E Ratio : 4:1 to 1:4 Plateau : 0 to 50%Trigger : 1 to 9 cmH2O Pressure Limit : 0 to 60 mBar Alarms : Pressure Low and High, RR Low and High,FIO2 Low and High, Active patient, Driving Gas failure, low battery indication, Circuit Disconnect, Minute Volume Low and High Monitoring Factors : Tidal Volume, Minute Volume, RR, FIO2, PEEP Obtained Power Input : 90 to 260 V AC 50/60 Hz Driving Gas Input : 3 Bar Pressure Sensor Type : Envitec SpiroQuant H Patient Type : Adult and Pediatric Battery Backup : 2 hours (Lithium-ion).
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  2. Anaesthesia Workstation Machine

    Anaesthesia Workstations by MN Life Care Products Pvt. Ltd
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  3. Modern Anaesthesia Machines

    Anaesthesia Machine manufacture by MN Life Care Products Pvt. Ltd.
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  4. Anaesthesia Workstation Machines Systema

    Systema-13 Anesthesia machine with hypoxia guard by MN Life Care Products Pvt. Ltd.
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  5. Anesthesia Workstation Systema

    Anesthesia Workstation Systema
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  6. Anesthesia Machine Systema 12 SS

    Anesthesia Machine Systema 12 SS. Modern Anaesthesia machine with various features.
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